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Hitting The Hundreds! The Biggest Loser's Big Kev Reveals His Incredible 100kg Weight Loss, While Rodger Gets Eliminated Again

Saved: Sharon <a href=webblog has immunity after winning the previous episodes challenge' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> 'It's really good knowing that people care,' she said welling up. After confessing to being complacent in training 17-year-old Caitlin still pulled a strong 3.7kg loss, 3.35%, putting her firmly above the yellow line. But she broken down when probed about why her positive attitude had dissolved after being back in the house for just one week. Saved: Sharon has immunity after winning the previous episodes challenge Cliquey: Caitlin gets upset as she feels left out now that the older women have bandied together to form a tactical alliance Won't let go: Katrina decided to keep hold of her golden bracelet for another week and relies on her efforts to see her over the yellow line Shock result! Rodger hangs his head as his poor weigh in result pushes him below the yellow line Upset by the house dynamics and cliquishness of the other women, she said: 'I think I just struggled to find my place back in the house. I felt really excluded it made me feel really horrible, I just found it really difficult to live in a house where I felt unwelcome.' Going on she said: 'I didn't feel confident enough in myself to tell people how I feel.' Katrina tried to reassure her and said: 'I'm sorry you felt alone and ostracized, you're not unwanted at all.' The scores continued to rain in as Toni pulled a loss of 3.2kg, 3.18%, Katrina opted out of using her glittering gold immunity website bracelet and decided to let the figures speak for themselves shedding 2.7kg, while Jane was fearful her place in the game after she only lost 1.6kg, 1.63%. But she needn't have worried as Rodger shocked the group by only losing 1.1kg, 1.03% and top of the leader board competitor Kerry dropped 1.4kg. With only Craig left to weigh in they both felt the threat of elimination hanging over them like a black cloud. Poor performer: Top of the leader board Kerry slips up and only drops 1.4kg this week, placing him in the bottom two Tissues and tears: Toni gets emotional at the thought of Kerry being voted out Craig smashed it as he lost an incredible 6.8kg, 4.61% and took the top spot as the week's Biggest Loser.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2588529/Hitting-hundreds-The-Biggest-Losers-Big-Kev-reveals-incredible-100kg-weight-loss-Rodger-gets-eliminated-AGAIN.html

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