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60 Minute Workout: Tempo Runs With A Twist

Tempo runs with a twist are an Shin Ohtake review effective way Max Workouts review to do just that. So, whats the twist? Its as simple as sprinkling a short burst of 30 to 60 seconds into your tempo runs every fifth or 10th minute. Such a practice will better prepare you for the rigours of racing, which often involves changing gears, and will also help keep your mind and legs sharp when your focus starts to fade. Tempo Run With A Twist Warmup Run easily for 10 to 20 minutes, follow with 6 x 20-second strides. Main Set Run for 20-60 minutes (or 3-8 miles depending on your ability/experience level) at your half-marathon race pace (If you dont have a half marathon time to base this off, add 15-20-seconds per mile to your current 10K race pace). Heres the twist: Every fifth minute throw in a 30-second burst at 5K-10K effort followed by an immediate return to half-marathon pace.
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